Vira-Pore viral sampling cassettes for air sampling of coronaviruses, 10 pieces

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For the sampling of corona viruses and other RNA viruses we have included the virus sampling cassette Vira-Pore with the ZePoretm filter into our product range.

Regularly check your offices, factory halls and workrooms for airborne coronaviruses. Expose hidden COVID-19 infections.
Simple, inexpensive and without inconveniencing your employees with time-consuming nose and throat swabs.

With our powerful SG10-2, SG10-2A or SG12 measuring devices, just 10 minutes of sampling time is enough.


New: With report (German) from measurement practice in living spaces!



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The Vira-Pore viral sampling cassette with the ZePoretm filter has been specially developed for the collection of airborne RNA from a coronavirus. It was validated within a scientific study and could be used analogously for sampling RNA from other viruses:

  • SARS CoV-2 coronavirus, also known as COVID-19
  • Influenza A
  • H1N1
  • H1N5
  • SARS

These special filter cassettes are suitable for our GSA sampling devices SG10-2, SG10-2A and SG12 in order to detect the presence of hazardous coronaviruses or other airborne RNA in rooms to prevent possible infections.

The Vira-Pore virus sampling cassette offers particular advantages in combination with the GSA sampling devices in indoor areas where there are many people or special health hazards for sick or elderly people.
This makes it particularly useful in areas where people need to be cared for or treated, such as nursing homes and hospitals. But also, for example, in schools, authorities with visitor traffic or companies to protect its employees.

Scope of delivery:

10 pieces Box

What are the instructions for use?



  1. Set and verify the flow rate of your sampler to 10 l/min.
  2. Select the sampling duration from 10 - 60 minutes from your sampling device.
  3. Clean your hands or wear clean, powder-free gloves.
  4. Tear open the foil package using the the tear strip at the top. Be careful when opening as this packaging is resealable and is required to be used after sampling for transport to the laboratory.
  5. Remove the Vira-Pore cassette from its packaging.
  6. Remove the outlet plug on the cassette and connect the outlet piece to the sampler with a silicone tube. Then remove the entire inlet piece to sample with the open-side of the filter.
  7. Start the samling device.
  8. The device runs as selected 10 - 60 minutes and switches off automatically.
  9. Replace the inlet piece onto the cassette and make sure that both the inlet and outlet plugs are inserted.
  10. Wipe the outside of the cassette with a disinfecting cloth and als disinfect the sampling device.
  11. Place the cassette in the original foil bag and fill in all relevant sample information.
  12. Send the cassette(s) to the laboratory overnight using a cold pack for shipment.
  13. If you cannot send the cassette to the laboratory immediately, store it in a refrigerator at 2-6°C until ready to ship.
  14. The samples must be analysed within seven days of sampling.

Which advantages does Vira-Pore offer?

  • The only scientifically validated product for indoor air sampling of coronaviruses
  • The filter is preloaded in the cassette and ready for use
  • Vira-Pore is a disposable cassette to avoid contamination of the filters and reduce risk of infection of the sampler

Why should you use the GSA sampling devices for the air sampling of corona viruses?

  • GSA Messgerätebau GmbH designs, develops and produces the devices according to the quality label Made in Germany in Ratingen, near Düsseldorf
  • Nearly 30 years of experience in sampling and analysis of pollutants
  • Practiced quality management system/TÜV certification according to ISO 9001:2015
  • In addition to our own developments, we build devices under licence, which were developed at the Institute for Occupational Safety and Health of the German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV)
  • 40% of all DAX-companies, i.e. the largest German companies, are among our customers
  • In addition to our equipment, we also offer customer service (advice, training, repairs and maintenance).

What are the advantages of the sampling devices SG10-2, SG10-2A and SG12 compared to other sampling pumps when measuring corona viruses in the air?

  • They are small, light and yet very powerful, so that the described virus measurements are possible within 10 minutes at 10 l/min
  • Our devices also work very quietly, making measurements in hospitals, classrooms or offices possible without disturbing the patients, children or employees
  • SG10-2 has been used in the scientific study presented below:

Study design:

This Vira-Pore virus sampling cassette from Environmental Express®, a Cole-Parmer company, was tested for the collection of RNA from a surrogate virus (HCoV OC43). This has been done because it is very similar to the COVID-19 virus. A laboratory study with the COVID-19 virus is too dangerous. The study was conducted by Dr. Nirmala T. Myers, Dr. Taewon T. Han and Dr. Gediminas Mainelis of the renowned Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey.
Rutgers is one of the largest universities in the USA and has already produced some Nobel Prize winners. The reference to our SG10 (the predecessor of the SG10-2) is in the study on page 4.

Our sampling device SG10-2 has been used for sampling, as it is powerful enough to allow measurements at 10 l/min. This made it possible to sample for 10 minutes only within the study design. Our sampling device SG10-2A, which is identical in construction but equipped with exchangeable batteries, and the even more powerful sampling device SG12 are also ideally suited for measurements at 10 l/min.

In the technical summary the test methodology and test results are explained in detail:

Technical summary

Scientific study 

Report from indoor air measurement (German)

Further questions and answers:

What do I need to perform a measurement for corona viruses in the air?

  1. A sampling device: SG10-2, SG10-2 or SG12
  2. Silicone tube, approx. 5 cm, included with our sampling devices
  3. The Vira-Pore viral sampling cassette
  4. A Tripod with a tripod holder (optional), alternatively the device can be placed on a piece of furniture with a height of approx. 150cm
  5. A laboratory which can analyse the filters

Which laboratories can analyse the collected Vira-Pore filters for SARS-CoV-2?

Please contact our partner
WESSLING GmbH, who can offer results within 24 hours.

Our Partner Mikrobiologisches Labor Dr. Michael Lohmeyer, which also offers sampling and analysis, has provided a comprehensive report from the measurement practice in living spaces. 

Contact details of other suitable German laboratories offering the necessary analysis can be obtained from us.

Can the collected Vira-Pore filters also be evaluated with quick tests, i.e. without the involvement of external laboratories?

This is conceivable. We are in discussions with several rapid test providers. Should we contact you as soon as we have found a provider who has tested the feasibility? Feel free to contact us.

Would you prefer to have the air measurements carried out by qualified personnel? 

No problem. Through our sister company, GSA Schadstoffanalytik, we can also carry out the air measurements for you. Please do not hesitate to contact us.
Alternatively, our partner company could take perform the measurement. 

What advantages could an effective airborne measurement of coronaviruses within an office or school classroom have compared to the rapid testing of each individual employee or student?

  • Less expensive: one filter can potentially test several people in one room
  • Indirect testing possible: Persons whose indoor air is being tested do not have to do anything actively. Unpleasant smears in nose and throat are not required. For example, test refusers can also be tested indirectly.
  • A search for virus variants (mutations) in the environment by adapting the PCR is conceivable.
  • No medical personnel are required for testing
  • Employers can be informed directly because he has the samples analysed himself.


If the test results of the air measurement are positive, it may be useful to combine air measurement with a subsequent rapid test. Note: Please note that you are solely responsible for complying with the instructions for use of the product and all applicable governmental laws, rules, regulations and industry standards related to the use and safe handling of the product and the packaging, labeling and shipping of the product after RNA is removed from the air. The manufacturer Environmental Express® recommends that you seek advice from a qualified environmental microbiology laboratory with experience in the field of viruses before performing any air samples. Seek direction, safe handling and transport procedures, as SARS-CoV-2 is a highly contagious pathogen that can my cause significant health concerns upon exposure.



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