Total dust /gas sampling system GGP-U

In combination with a sampling pump the sampling system GGP-U is designed for lower sampling volume flows than the GGPWith this sampling head, flow rates of 0.5 l/min, 1.0 l/min or 2.0 l/min can be realized. If you require a flow rate other than 3.5 l/min, please order the corresponding sampling cone. Three commercially available sorption tubes (e.g. Niosh, ORBO, Dräger) connected in parallel are used. These can be up to one centimeter in diameter to fit inside the sleeve. This system consists of GGP-U adapter, universal holder, GSP detection cone, GGP-U sleeve (inner diameter 24 mm) for tubes type Dräger B, GGP-U fixation star, GGP-U sealing element and GGP-U tube connector. The sleeve can be individually adapted to the length of the sorption tubes.

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