Personal samplers

For the mobile measurements of hazardous substances at workplace we offer small, battery-operated and personal samplers (PGP). Those will be connected with the convenient sampling systems for the enrichment of the harmful substances. The GSA Messgerätebau GmbH offers you a wide range of measuring systems for different application areas.

The complete system can be carried by persons in their ordinary work situation to measure the agent concentration in their breathing zone. Our devices will be used for sampling of dusts, fibres or moulds. 

Our high-quality GSA measuring systems may be used in different areas of application for measuring of harmful substances.

The personal sampling system may also be used if you or your staff are working in areas with impairments of pollutants.

In doing so measurements of harmful substances can be performed to find A-dust or E-dust, asbestos, fumes, moulds or other pollutants. Depending on different measuring tasks the SG10-2, SG10-2A, SG350ex, SG5100ex or the SG5200 are appropriate. These measuring devices are naturally also for fixed locations as stationary sampling system.