Total dust sampling system GSP for inhalable dust sampling

In conjunction with a sampling pump, the GSP is suitable for personal use for the measurement of the inhalable dust fraction (inhalable dust/total dust, molds/yeasts).

It is available in the following versions:
- designed for a volume flow of 3.5 l/min
- designed for a volume flow of 10 l/min

The versions differ in the detection cone. The detection cones are designed so that the intake velocity is 1.25 m/s at the respective volume flow. This is a convention and corresponds approximately to the inhalation speed of humans. With the GSP 10 (b), shorter measurement times are possible or an improved determination limit is achieved. In addition, more sample material is available for the determination of dust constituents.

The filter cassette is equipped with glass fiber filters or membrane filters with a pore size of 8 µm and an outer diameter of 37 mm.

For further information of the IFA and the use click here.

When used with thin membranes (e.g. Teflon, PVC), leaks may occur. We therefore recommend using an additional PGP flatseal (item number: 00063).

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