Sieve attachment - attachable pre-separator for inhalable dust

Item number: 02451

The pre-separator is a sieve attachment that can be plugged onto the universal holder for sampling inhalable dust. Coarse particles are to be separated on the sieve of the pre-separator during sampling, so that they no longer enter the opening of the suction cone due to this. This procedure is recommended, for example, in the textile industry, paper and wood processing, in order to separate coarse fibers and thus avoid excessive filter clogging.

The sieve attachment can be plugged and fastened onto the sampling head of the GSP 3.5 and the GSP10.

Category: GSP

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The fraction of coarse dispersed particles is not covered by the scope of the general dust limit value. However, these particles can have a false positive influence on the result of the measurement, should coarse disperse particles be detected during sampling. The attachable pre-separator prevents coarse dispersed particles with an aerodynamic diameter of clearly > 100 µm from getting onto the sample carrier during sampling.


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