SG5100ex sampler complete incl. charger

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The air sampler SG5100ex (SG5100ex II1G Ex ia IIB T3 Ga) inclusive power supply for the personal and stationary air sampling of gaseous and particulate matter at the workplace until 4,000 ml/min. 

The air sampler SG5100ex is developed especially for explosive atmospheres.  The standard working range is 0°C to 40°C.

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The air sampler SG5100ex (SG5100ex II1G Ex ia IIB T3 Ga) inclusive power supply for the personal and stationary air sampling of gaseous and particulate matter at the workplace until 4,000 ml/min.

The air sampler SG5100ex is developed especially for explosive atmospheres.
It is equipped with a powerful rotary vane pump, which generates a nearly pulsation-free vacuum and can overcome high flow resistances. The sampler is easy to operate and covers a wide adjustable flow range from approx. 50 to 4,000 ml/min without any gap.
The requirements on a constant volume flow with changing flow resistance with fault indication and automatic shut-down are fulfilled through the automatic volume flow regulation over the complete range.
As the successor to the SG4000ex, the SG5100ex has a wider flow rate and it is easy to use because of changeable batteries. For a very short sampling time of maximum 2 hours, it is technically possible to perform the sampling with the sampling device in the extended temperature range of -5°C to 50°C. This can lead to an overload of the device, so that in case of a damage of the device no warranty is taken over.

  • Nominal flow rate: 50-4,000 ml/min (± 5 %)
  • Electronic flow regulation
  • Adjustable flow rate: approx. 20-5,000 ml/min
  • Lithium-ion-battery 2,4 Ah, 17,76 Wh
  • Battery is easy to change
  • Run time: approx. 8h
  • Charging time: approx. 8h (automatic switching to trickle charge)
  • Electronical adjusting
  • Sampling time programmable, automatic switching-off, battery-buffered data storage
  • Display shows actual capacity of the battery, running time of errors
  • LCD-Display, 2x8 digits
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 87x40x101mm
  • Weight: 540 g

For the personal measurement of noxious substances in the air at work places small, light-weight, battery-powered pumps (PAS) are used, which are connected to appropriate sampling systems for the collection of the pollutants. The system is worn by persons in whose breathing zone the concentration of hazardous substances is to be determined. For the sampling of dust, fibers and also mould fungus the combination filter head system PGP (license IFA) is utilized, for gas sampling tube holders with sorption tubes are used.    

Construction and Operation:
The air sampler SG5100ex, which can also be used as a mold air sampler, is equipped with a rotary vane pump which generates together with the buffer volume a nearly pulsation-free vacuum. The desired flow rate is adjustable from approx. 50 up to 4,000 ml/min. The adjusted volume flow will be kept automatically constant during the sampling time by means of the integrated flow regulation. This regulation compensates the usual decrease of the volume flow as a consequence of the increasing flow resistance (e.g. filter loading) or descending battery voltage.
The sampling parameters are programmable and readable on the 2x8-digit display. The sampler switches off automatically reaching the preset sampling time or, after a certain time of fault indication on the display, when the adjusted flow rate cannot be kept constant inside the required tolerance range because of too high flow resistance or too low battery voltage. The run time until the switching-off is stored, accordingly the duration of sampling can be read at a later time. The complete program flow and regulation are controlled by a built-in microprocessor. The SG5100ex is provided with an internal battery management to ensure a controlled charging of the integrated Lithium-ion-battery and to indicate the approximate charging time and charging status of the battery in %. The keys can be locked.
There are separate batteries available; therefore they may be changed easily.
Please use the original battery for exchange only. Only this guarantees the protection in explosive environments!

Scope of supply:
  • Sampler SG5100ex
  • Charger SG2500-2/5100/5200
  • Adjusting screw key
  • Silicone tube
  • Operating instructions (German/ English)
  • Quick Start Guide (German/English)

Available accessories:-
  • Transport cases
  • Different float flow meters
  • Different collection heads for hazardous substances with adapter
  • Tube support
  • Replacement battery for independent exchange

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Shipping information:-
  • No dangerous good of class 9
  • Classification UN3481
  • Transport ADR (street): no labelling necessary
  • Transport IATA (air traffic):
    o    1-2 implement/package: no labelling necessary
    o    3 or more implements/package: labelling necessary according to UN3481 ? PI967, for further information please click here

SG5100ex Anwendung

Operating range: Stationary Personal Sampler
E-dust fraction: particularly suitable
Ex-Protection: Ex-protection II 1G EEx ia IIB T3
fibre measurement according to DGUV 213-546 raster electronical method: particularly suitable
fibre measurement according to DGUV 213-531 light microscopy method: particularly suitable
Welding fume: particularly suitable
change of battery unit possible: yes
Volume flow: 50 - 4,000 ml/min
A-dust fraction: suitable
Gases (VOC, formaldehyde, etc.): suitable
Fibre measurement according to VDI 3492 (e.g. asbestos, MMMF, glas fibre): not suitable
PAK / PCB according to VDI 2463 p. 7: not suitable
Product weight: 0,66 Kg
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