SG12 sampler complete for mains and battery operation

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The air sampler SG12 incl. power supply has been developed for the steady state sampling of hazardous substances.
It is particularly suitable for the measurement of inorganic fibrous particles such as asbestos, men-made mineral fibres (MMMF) and other inorganic fibres in indoor air and outside air according to VDI 3492 and ISO 14966 with a volume flow of 8 l/min.
it is suitable for steady state sampling of inhalable and respirable dust with a volume flow of 10 l/min. The standard working range is 0°C to 40°C.

The measuring device SG12 can be easily switched from mains operation to battery operation and enables flexible sampling even without the possibility of a mains connection.

The air sampler SG12 has been developed for the steady state sampling of fibres and dusts when high volume flows are needed and high flow resistance must be overcome, in particular for fibre measurement according to VDI 3492. The nominal volume flow range is 3.5 to 10 l/min. Smaller volume flows up to approx. 2 l/min are possible with lower constancy.
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