EMK (Emission Measuring Case) sampler complete



EMK (Emission measuring case)  Air sampling device incl. power supply for the sampling of dusts and fibers in flowing gases according to VDI 3861.

The EMK sampling device was developed for the sampling of dusts in flowing gases. The dust and fiber concentration in the filtered exhaust air flow of a ventilation system or in the exhaust chimney can be determined.

If you also want to determine the ingredients of the dust, please note the ingredients of the sampling head.


The EMK is a stationary dust sampling system for mobile use with a volume flow of 0.5 m³/h to a maximum of 5 m³/h. The device generates a pulsation-free air flow, regardless of the degree of filter clogging, the ambient air pressure and the ambient temperature, is kept constant at a maximum value of 5m³ / h.

Due to the integrated pressure and temperature compensation, air pressure fluctuations due to different location heights and weather conditions are compensated as well as temperature differences occurring during the sampling. An illuminated LCD display with 2x16 digits and widely visible LEDs for the indication of the operating state (green LED) and the power supply (red LED) provide for improved ease of use. The desired runtime can be programmed via the membrane keypad.


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