Work Place Measurement

Everywhere, where the occurrence of hazardous substances in the air at work places can not reliably excluded, the entrepreneur is obliged according to the legal regulations (e.g. "Gefahrstoffverordnung") to determine whether the valid limit values, e.g. the maximum work place concentration (MAK) and the technical standard concentration (TRK) have been respected.

The air pollution at work places can occur as dust, fibres, smoke, mist, fumes and gases. For personal meausruement of noxious substances in the air at work places small, light-weight, battery-powered sampling systems are used, which are connected to appropriate sampling systems for the collection of the pollutants. 

The complete system is worn by persons in whose breathing zone the conetration of hazardous substances is to be determined. Personal sampling is particularly suitable for evaluating the exposure in extended working areas. The variaty of personal sampling systems of the GSA Messgerätebau GmbH offers the perfect sampling system for various situations.